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901 Girls With Goals, aims to make a positive impact on girls’ lives through soccer in Memphis. We provide need-based support to area middle and high school girls' soccer programs. We supply schools with soccer equipment, free training clinics for coaches, free skills clinics for players, and create additional opportunities for play and personal development .

The Short Story:

901 Girls With Goals was founded in 2018 by Paula Seward and Carrie Hough as a means to continue to support local area girls’ school soccer programs and share their love of the game that has given them so much.  

The Long Story:

In 2016 the idea for 901 Girls With Goals was cultivated when women from Greenfield Arena's indoor soccer community and the Laid Back League were able to provide equipment and facilitate practices for a local high school who was starting a girl's soccer program.  Paula and Carrie saw how big the need was even with one school, and set about working to build a structure that could support more schools and expand impact beyond just supplying equipment. Since 2019, we have provided equipment and coaching support to 28 schools. Our programs have impacted over 600 girls.

The Belief:

At 901 Girls With Goals, we believe the skills learned on the field, winning and losing, setting and reaching goals, getting back up when you go down, working together as a team, and the friendships made on the field are something every girl should have the opportunity to be a part of. 


We believe the skills learned on the soccer field are skills for life.

The minds behind the dream

Paula Seward and Carrie Hough played youth and high school soccer in Memphis and continue to play recreationally as adults. They met on the pitch, became friends and created the Laid Back League in 2014, an indoor women’s league.  Paula, a graduate of the University of Tennessee, is a Project Manager at Hilton. Carrie, a graduate of the University of Illinois at Chicago, is a Business Process Consultant at McKesson.  Carrie received The President's, Points of Light,  Volunteer Service Award in 2019 and 2021 for her work with 901 Girls With Goals.

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